Monday, August 29, 2011

Vintage Lamps and some Goodwill/Yard Sale Treasures

These  elephants are really heavy, not sure what I am going to do with them, yard sale finds .50 cents each

100% Cashmere scarves, they were .49 cents each

I plan on painting this cutie probably white, I paid $1.99 a little high but I fell in love with it.   

I found these 2 lamps at Goodwill $3.99 each, I plan on painting the wood and brass adding new shades.

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Thrifty Treasures I sold on ebay

a few items found at thrift stores and garage sales sold for a great profit
St John Jacket and Skirt Set paid $10.00 sold for $120.00

Ralph Lauren Shirt 3X paid $3.00 sold for $39.99
Wilson Leather Jacket paid $5.00 Sold for $59.99

Ralph Lauren Jacket paid $4.00 sold for $50.00
Ralph Lauren Equestrian Jacket paid $4.00 sold for $79.99
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vintage Avon Bottle, Shoes and Wedgwood

Avon Cologne Gelee and Avon Jelly jar  $1.00 each
Fashion Frames $1.00 each for my 1/2 bath

2 Wedgwood Cups and the other 2 have England stamped on the bottom .50 cents each
Old Cook Books $1.00 for both
Ann Klein Purse .50 cents each
Wine Rack $1.00
Quesadilla Maker New $5.00 My son loves Quesadillas he can eat them every night if I let him.
I am going on a cruise next month and needed new shoes, these were all $1.00 each at different Garage Sales.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Peaches to Beaches Annual Yard Sale

We had an Annual Yard Sale this past weekend, its called Peaches to Beaches , these are a few of the things I found (except the Owl from Goodwill)
Cute Owl purchased at Goodwill $2.99 I'm thinking of painting it white
Love this sign paid $1.00
Vintage Clip on Earrings $1.00 these were purchased at a small thrift store, love the color
Pears $1.00

Leap Frog Letters set $1.00 just realized it is missing a couple of letters

Drowzy Doll and Vintage Bear $1.00 each
Dansko Shoes $5.00
Born Shoes $1.00
Premier Bracelet $3.00
I went to one of my favorite Thrift stores yesterday will post some of the great deal soon.
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pokemon found at a Storage Auction

I purchased 4 big garbage bags full of Pokemon Plush and some smaller pokemon toys from a Storage Auction for $4.00, I didn't realize the plush inside the bags were all pokemon until I got home .  Here are some that have sold and I still have a few I have not listed.
Maril sold for $28.00 

Togepi sold for $29.00
Digimon Pillow $20.00
Charmander $40.00
Jigglypuff $39.99
  and a few other sales, most of these were shipped International, so if you see anything Pokemon related buy them it sells really well on ebay.
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baseball Logo Cookies

I'm not going to lie these were not easy at all, but I will do it again and I think next time they will turn out better, I made these for an dinner my sons baseball team had this past week.
Sugar Cookies from i am baker
Frosting Recipe from i am baker
I googled my sons school name and printed this logo and transferred onto photo paper.

I did not have a round cookie cutter so I used a biscuit cutter

Outlining the cookies

Flooding with frosting

After they dried I used a food writer to outline stencil

This is the final product after outlining with black frosting and flooding with red frosting, does it look like the logo on the right?

 Everyone loved the cookies and are asking me to make them again, maybe when I recover and forget how hard they were to decorate...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Old Cook Books

I love buying Old Cook Books at the Thrifts store and garage sales, I love looking at old recipes and specially the ones that have been hand written and the notes added, I always wonder how many meals were actually cooked? by the looks of most of these cook books alot because there are alot of food stains inside, Church and School Cook Books are my favorites. 
This Good Housekeeping cook book was printed in 1933 (6th edition) it was not for sale it was only given if you subscribed to Housekeeping magazine.
 This Cook Book from B.F.A. Club in Fairfax, Vermont, Bellows Free Academy  1937.
 Kitchen Kas ? New York State Year of History, recipes of Hurley Residents 1959, I love the old Gift tag that I found in the book.
(Above) Bread Pudding and Sherried Baized Beans (below) Grandmothers Famous Cranberry Bread
 This Cook Book was hand written and then printed
 Pork Cake? dont think I will be trying that one.
Take time for 10 things (love these) this was in the B.F.A. Club cookbook.
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