Friday, January 14, 2011

Old Cook Books

I love buying Old Cook Books at the Thrifts store and garage sales, I love looking at old recipes and specially the ones that have been hand written and the notes added, I always wonder how many meals were actually cooked? by the looks of most of these cook books alot because there are alot of food stains inside, Church and School Cook Books are my favorites. 
This Good Housekeeping cook book was printed in 1933 (6th edition) it was not for sale it was only given if you subscribed to Housekeeping magazine.
 This Cook Book from B.F.A. Club in Fairfax, Vermont, Bellows Free Academy  1937.
 Kitchen Kas ? New York State Year of History, recipes of Hurley Residents 1959, I love the old Gift tag that I found in the book.
(Above) Bread Pudding and Sherried Baized Beans (below) Grandmothers Famous Cranberry Bread
 This Cook Book was hand written and then printed
 Pork Cake? dont think I will be trying that one.
Take time for 10 things (love these) this was in the B.F.A. Club cookbook.
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  1. Barbara I also love cookbooks. I am always looking at them in the thrift stores and buy older one's. The church and community one's are always fabulous. I also love the old Betty Crocker cookbooks from the 50's & 60's because of the cool photos...vintage tables make me smile. Thanks so much for joining JFF! hugs, Linda

  2. It is fun to look through old cookbooks, and like you mentioned, ones with hand written notes and recipes are the best. Group cook books always have such a variety of recipes. Enjoy your find and the good cooking that they will inspire.

  3. I love old cookbooks and to find handwritten recipes inside is a treat!

  4. My grandmother used to add hand written pages to her cook books. It makes them special! I love the church lady cookbooks. I always look for them and pick them up when I find them. They have wonderful recipes and great humorous stories in them.

  5. great cookbooks, and I agree, the handwritten ones with notes are so interesting, makes you feel like you really know the ladies who were cooking! Thanks for linking up with VIF!

  6. I love all those old cookbooks!! I have some of my grandmother's hand written notes and they are priceless to me. Thank you for sharing.

  7. My mom has a bunch of old cookbooks from her grandmother... Sadly, I don't cook... but I love how they look. I am new follower from the Tues. Blog Hop. Hope you have a wonderful week.