Friday, December 24, 2010

Thrift Store Shopping Vintage

These are some of the things I found at the Thrift store lately, I have alot more to share, another day.
Mickey Mouse Face Bear, paid $1.95 for him he goes on ebay for 80.00 to 100.00 dollars mine is missing the shirt but I should be able to do well with him, I have been looking for one of these for over 2 years.
Fire King Meet Loaf Pan paid $3.95 to resell on ebay but this color dosen't do well so I will probably keep it.

Fire King Pie Plate paid $2.95

VINTAGE Buttons, over 3 pounds of buttons they are so pretty, paid $2.95

I think this is a Vintage Fabric not sure but I loved the print paid .99cents for over 2 yards.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Easy Way to Line 10 Alligator Clips in Minutes

I saw this idea in another blog but cant remember the bloggers name, easy way to line up to 100 Alligator Clips in 1 hour, I bought this art board at Michaels and 4 candle holders, I think I spent $7.00 to make this board well worth it I have not burned my fingers since I started using this board.
I measure and cut the ribbon after that I seal the edges with a lighter or wood burning tool, then I cut a piece of shelf liner(you can purchase a roll super cheap at walmart or dollar store)
This is what the finished clip looks like.

 I like to line 10 clips at a time its easier for me

 I spread a thin stripe of glue to first clip
 and fold ribbon over, repeat this process on all 10 clips
 This is what it looks like once you complete this process, before you flip the board
 This is the back side
 carefully spread a small amount of glue on the pinchies(were you pinch the clips together)
 the last step is to put a small dot of glue to backside of clip and fold over
 Like this
Finished product.  Enjoy.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Storage Wars

Who watches Storage Wars? I love that show I can sit there and watch it all day long, well today I went to a storage auction here were I live it was very different, instead of auctioning a whole unit they bring out boxes of stuff set the box on a table and you can go thru it while the bidding for the box is going on, bids start at $2.00 it was really neat because you don't take home junk, there were a total of 11 units and the process took 4 hours.

There were about 22 people bidding, here is some of the stuff I bought, mostly for ebay.
 2 Budweiser Christmas Stein mugs for $2.00, racing stuff total $6.00 
 All these Hallmark ornaments for $16.00, some of these ornaments are going for over $50.00 on ebay, and one is listed for $149.99.
 Department 56 building $10.00, the deer and bag full of 10 snowman hallmark ornaments were included in the $16.00.
 2 Pyrex Amish bowls and silverware $7.50 it was a box full of other stuff but I gave the rest away, I really only wanted the bowls but silverware was really nice.
  2 sets of Polar Express Hot chocolate mug and plate set brand new for $4.00 these are going on ebay for over $80.00...great deal...
I had so much fun that I told my husband I cant wait for the next one, now I have to list list list.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Estate Sale and Yard Sale

I found some great things at an Estate Sale and Yard Sales this past weekend some for great stuff for ebay...
 2 Large Serving Plates one Eggshell Nautilus and the other Noritake Serving Plate I paid .75cents for each
Ashtray $1.00, 6 small bowls in the back Georgian Homer Laughlin $1.00 for all 6, Butter Plate in the back all it says is Japan .25 cents
 Some Vintage Christmas decorations and spools of Vintage ribbon, 2 bags of Vintage Ornaments $1.00 each, each spool of ribbon .05 cents each, the globe with a vintage elf inside .10 cents, Vintage Santa musical box(it works) .25 cents, Nut cracker .25 cents.
 All these Vintage Hankerchiefs $1.00
 Not sure if these are placemats they were .10 cents each
 Tupperware set .75cents
 This Cousances was $2.00
 Dansko Black Shoes, they look brand new, .50 cents, I bought these at a fundraiser yardsale for a little boy that was mauled by a pitbull, lost 1 eye and half of his face he is undergoing alot of surgeries so 100% of the sale of these shoes will go to this family.
 Vintage Strawberries Place Mats, I think there are 6  .50cents for all

 Vintage Tourister Travel Case .75 cents
 Vintage Jewelry from the 50s and 60s $1.00 each and the Rhinestone teardrop earrings $5.00
This Iron Corn Bread pan was $1.00.
There were a few more items but I didnt not have time to take a picture of them...maybe soon...