Friday, January 7, 2011

Publix 01/07/2011

Some great deals at Publix this week, I didn't need much this week, I will have to go back for chicken breast they were out of stock.
2 Yoplait Smoothies sale price 2 for $3.19 used 2 $1.00 coupons= .59 cents each
3 Planters Trail Mix reg price $1.99 BOGO use 3 (target coupons) $1.00= FREE
2 Coffee Mate Cream sale$1.50 each used 2 $1.00 coupons=.50 cents each
2 Wisk Detergent $4.49 each used 2 $2.00 coupons=$2.49 each
4 Special K Cereal reg $3.99 this week BOGO used 2 BOGO and 1 target coupon 2/$1.00= .75cents a box
3 Peter Pan Peanut butter reg$2.59 BOGO used 3 $1.00 coupons= .30 cents each
4 Boxes of Splenda (200 count) sale$4.99 used 2 coupons 2/$3.50=$2.96 a box

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  1. Question: How do you set up a shopping trip like that? Do you price items before hand and find a coupon or do you search the stores for the prices... I would like to be able to do this but have no idea where to start!