Saturday, December 11, 2010

Storage Wars

Who watches Storage Wars? I love that show I can sit there and watch it all day long, well today I went to a storage auction here were I live it was very different, instead of auctioning a whole unit they bring out boxes of stuff set the box on a table and you can go thru it while the bidding for the box is going on, bids start at $2.00 it was really neat because you don't take home junk, there were a total of 11 units and the process took 4 hours.

There were about 22 people bidding, here is some of the stuff I bought, mostly for ebay.
 2 Budweiser Christmas Stein mugs for $2.00, racing stuff total $6.00 
 All these Hallmark ornaments for $16.00, some of these ornaments are going for over $50.00 on ebay, and one is listed for $149.99.
 Department 56 building $10.00, the deer and bag full of 10 snowman hallmark ornaments were included in the $16.00.
 2 Pyrex Amish bowls and silverware $7.50 it was a box full of other stuff but I gave the rest away, I really only wanted the bowls but silverware was really nice.
  2 sets of Polar Express Hot chocolate mug and plate set brand new for $4.00 these are going on ebay for over $80.00...great deal...
I had so much fun that I told my husband I cant wait for the next one, now I have to list list list.

I am linking this post to Junking Friday, go check out what Linda has found lately.
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  1. I've been to one of those storage unit auctions and it was a lot of fun. Love the Hallmark ornaments! You should sell those pretty quickly and for a great price on eBay right now.

  2. SO awesome! Glad you found so many great scores!

  3. I need to start watching Storage Wars. Great buy on the Hallmark ornaments!

  4. I always wanted to go to one of these. In our area they open the door and you bid on what you can see the whole shebang. I don't know if I could do that.

  5. Wow Barbara what a great haul! I have never been to one of those but you found some awesome deals. Love all the Hallmark ornaments you found. I have a set of Puppy Love I am ready to sell, I should ask you about your process! Thanks for joining JFF!!

  6. Barbara what a great haul!! I especially love the polar express mugs!!

  7. Wow! What a fantastic deal on those Hallmark ornaments. Last week I was looking at a few of them on eBay and was floored at the prices! I have been thinking about going to some of those storage unit sales but just have not had the time yet. I think I better make the time!

    ~ Tracy

  8. You lucky duck!! They look so fun! and profitble ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  9. WOW-I would love to hit one of those auctions-such great things you got!