Monday, December 6, 2010

Estate Sale and Yard Sale

I found some great things at an Estate Sale and Yard Sales this past weekend some for great stuff for ebay...
 2 Large Serving Plates one Eggshell Nautilus and the other Noritake Serving Plate I paid .75cents for each
Ashtray $1.00, 6 small bowls in the back Georgian Homer Laughlin $1.00 for all 6, Butter Plate in the back all it says is Japan .25 cents
 Some Vintage Christmas decorations and spools of Vintage ribbon, 2 bags of Vintage Ornaments $1.00 each, each spool of ribbon .05 cents each, the globe with a vintage elf inside .10 cents, Vintage Santa musical box(it works) .25 cents, Nut cracker .25 cents.
 All these Vintage Hankerchiefs $1.00
 Not sure if these are placemats they were .10 cents each
 Tupperware set .75cents
 This Cousances was $2.00
 Dansko Black Shoes, they look brand new, .50 cents, I bought these at a fundraiser yardsale for a little boy that was mauled by a pitbull, lost 1 eye and half of his face he is undergoing alot of surgeries so 100% of the sale of these shoes will go to this family.
 Vintage Strawberries Place Mats, I think there are 6  .50cents for all

 Vintage Tourister Travel Case .75 cents
 Vintage Jewelry from the 50s and 60s $1.00 each and the Rhinestone teardrop earrings $5.00
This Iron Corn Bread pan was $1.00.
There were a few more items but I didnt not have time to take a picture of them...maybe soon...


  1. Wow lots of wonderful finds! You have a great eye!!

  2. Great finds! Thanks for sharing.

  3. So many frugal finds for such a low price, wow! I love the vintage travel case for a mere .75 cents. They are so fun for travel and for storage. A Prettier solution for storage bins.

  4. That travel case is the bomb-diggity. I am on the hunt for one to store my sewing stuff.

  5. Major score on everything but seriously that price for Danskos? I've never seen them so cheap before. What a deal!

  6. Wow! You got some great deals. I would have flipped to find the handkerchiefs as I use them as bedspreads in my dollhouse! Take care. Susan

  7. Wow's like striking gold..great finds at the sales.

  8. Thanks for linking up with JFF, would you mind adding a link back to the party please. thanks so much. Enjoyed your finds!! hugs, Linda

  9. Wow, what fantastic finds! I loved my Tupperware Tupperwave 3 stack cooker. I used to use it a lot when the kids were little. Love the linens.

    ~ Tracy

  10. Wow! You found some super stuff. I'm a dish and linen collector, and would have grabbed those plates, hankies and linens up in a heartbeat. And that carry case, too. All your goodies make me want to run out and find an estate sale.

  11. p.s. on Friday...Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting on my dollhouse post. Loved having you stop by. Please come again soon. Susan

  12. Hi Barbara,

    What great finds you made. Isn't it such fun to come away with arms full of loot like that? You got it all for such wonderful prices.

    Enjoy your treasures,
    Susan @ CluckleBees

  13. What great finds and in December too!