Sunday, December 19, 2010

Easy Way to Line 10 Alligator Clips in Minutes

I saw this idea in another blog but cant remember the bloggers name, easy way to line up to 100 Alligator Clips in 1 hour, I bought this art board at Michaels and 4 candle holders, I think I spent $7.00 to make this board well worth it I have not burned my fingers since I started using this board.
I measure and cut the ribbon after that I seal the edges with a lighter or wood burning tool, then I cut a piece of shelf liner(you can purchase a roll super cheap at walmart or dollar store)
This is what the finished clip looks like.

 I like to line 10 clips at a time its easier for me

 I spread a thin stripe of glue to first clip
 and fold ribbon over, repeat this process on all 10 clips
 This is what it looks like once you complete this process, before you flip the board
 This is the back side
 carefully spread a small amount of glue on the pinchies(were you pinch the clips together)
 the last step is to put a small dot of glue to backside of clip and fold over
 Like this
Finished product.  Enjoy.

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